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On 17th November the Deputy Mayor of The Hague, Robert van Asten, will present the Spinozalens 2022 to Professor Martha C. Nussbaum at an event at Leiden University Campus The Hague (Wijnhaven). Professor Nussbaum will not be able to attend in person but will be awarded the prize and interviewed via video link.

The evening will be primarily dominated by Nussbaum’s capability approach, through which she expresses her ideas on social justice in relation to human possibility. To this day, Nussbaum’s theory of human capabilities has had unprecedented influence on human rights and the social sphere, and this combined with her capability approach led to her nomination as laureate by the Spinozalens Jury 2021-2022. Jury members Prof. Jet Bussemaker, Prof. Martine De Vries and Emeritus Professor Erik Schokkaert, will elaborate further on the latest applications of Nussbuam’s theory during the course of the ceremony.

Jet Bussemaker will also announce the winners of the Designing the Digital Good schools contest. The competition, which started on 15th September as the prelude to the ceremony, has as its theme the capability approach and the mental well-being of young people in the digital world. The winning team will also give a short presentation about their entry.

This public event will be partly in Dutch and partly in English, Attendance is free. Entry: from 19:30. Start: 20:00. The ceremony will be followed by a drinks reception. Please confirm attendance via before 7th November.

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