Education MATERIAL about LAUreates Spinozalens


Designing the Digital Good

Part of the run-up to the Spinozalens 2022 ceremony includes the organisation of the Designing the Digital Good design contest. The competition has been designed for senior secondary school students across both the Netherlands and Flanders, with 22 classes taking part. The central design question of the contest was: design a tool that can contribute to the mental well-being of young people in the digital  world, or, in terms of Nussbaum’s own philosophy, design a tool that helps shape their capabilities in the digital world. This tool can take any form, including a podcast, a video or film, an app or an advisory report to the government. The contest was organised in collaboration with Garage 2020, a youth services innovation platform. Dutch-language lesson materials have been developed for students and teachers. The design competition follows the principles of social design, while the design method has been adapted to Nussbaum’s capability approach. For more information (in Dutch) about the competition, see here.

The winners of the competition were announced during the 2022 Spinozalens ceremony. For more information, see the Dutch pages of this website.


Program Welcome to the Parliament of Things

In the run-up to the presentation of the Spinozalens 2020 to Bruno Latour, the event Welcome to the Parliament of Things was organized. In this context, a design competition for students, a secondary education program and a writing competition were organized, and various public events took place. For more information, see the event website:


Education MATERIAL about historical thinker

‘The International Spinoza Prize Foundation develops educational material such as videos and lesson letters for secondary and higher education students to supplement existing teaching materials for the subjects philosophy, philosophy of life and social studies. The lesson letters are in Dutch and made available free of charge and can be downloaded without permission.