Bruno Latour Lecture and Spinozalens 2020 award ceremony

On November 23rd 2020, Spinozalens laureate Bruno Latour will give a live-streamed lecture for Radboud Reflects. The following day Femke Halsema, the Mayor of Amsterdam, will award Latour the Spinozalens 2020 in an online ceremony. Both events will be available to watch on YouTube.


Within the context of the Spinozalens 2020, Bruno Latour will give a lecture for Radboud Reflects on November 23rd. The theme will be The Parliament of Things, Latour’s call for the representation of non-humans in our political system. After the lecture, Latour will be in conversation with philosopher Arjen Kleinherenbrink. The programme will be available to watch on the Radboud Reflects YouTube channel. For more information about the programme, please click this link.

On November 24th 2020, the Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema will present the Spinozalens 2020 to Bruno Latour. This will also take place online as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The ceremony will be part of the evening programme that will be live-streamed on November 24th from 20:00 to 21:30 from the Concertzaal of Felix Meritis in Amsterdam. The evening will also be dedicated to the theme of The Parliament of Things and will be hosted by Denker des Vaderlands (‘Philosopher Laureate of the Netherlands’) Daan Roovers. Latour will then be interviewed by essayist Bas Heijne, with questions from well-known thinkers such as Donna Haraway and Chantal Mouffe, as well as a philosopher of technology Peter-Paul Verbeek, a member of the Spinozalens 2020 jury.

The evening has been organised in collaboration with The Embassy of the North Sea. For more information about the event, please visit the Felix Meritis website and follow the live stream.

The award ceremony is the highlight of the Welcome to the Parliament of Things educational and public programme, which has included a design contest for higher education students, ‘sessions’ of the North Sea ‘Parliament’ for secondary school students, a writing contest, lectures and a range of exhibitions. Public events are taking place across various locations in the Netherlands from November 19th to 27th. See here for more information.

To commemorate the Spinozalens 2020, two books have been released by Boom Publishers: Het parlement van de dingen (‘The Parliament of Things’) by Bruno Latour and Stem van de Noordzee (Voice of the North Sea), with contributions from lawyer Laura Burgers and philosopher and writer Eva Meijer.

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