Laureate 2018
Dominique Moïsi

Dominique Moïsi is an influential French-Jewish political scientist and an acclaimed expert on international relations.  In Paris, the city where he lives, he is connected to the Institut Montaigne; and he is co-founder of the  Institut français des Relations Internationales.  Recently, he has been visiting professor at Harvard University and  King’s College in London. He is also the author of several widely acclaimed books. The most well-known, The Geopolitics of Emotion: How Cultures of Fear, Humiliation, and Hope are Reshaping the World, has been translated into Dutch.

His career is most impressive, but his message is most present-day: Europe should turn fear into hope. Moïsi’s personal history reflects that message. He was born in 1946, as the son of Auschwitz-survivor Jules Moïsi.  Referring to his father,  number 159721 in Auschwitz, Moisi now says: “He survived fear and humiliation to teach me hopefulness.” This theme is the basis of the geopolitics of emotions that Moïsi has drawn. The idea that hope is possible after fear and humiliation is a message both the jury and foundation strongly want to support.


In November 2018 The Spinozalens laureate will receive in the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague a sculpture and ten thousand euros, handed to him by the mayor. On the occasion, a special publication will be presented as an introduction to the laureate’s work.


Main publications:

1991 – Le Nouveau Continent: Plaidoyer pour une Europe renaissante

2009 – La géopolitique de l’émotion

2011 – Un juif improbable

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