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Laureate 2014

Susan Neiman


American moral philosopher Susan Neiman (1955) is director of the Einstein Forum research institute in Potsdam. She studied philosophy at Harvard University as well as Berlin’s Freie Universität and was an Associate Professor at Yale University and Tel Aviv University.

Neiman writes scientific works as well as works for a broader audience.

Her published works include Moral Clarity. A Guide for Grown Up Idealists (Morele helderheid. Goed en kwaad in de 21ste eeuw, 2010, Uitgeverij AMBO|Anthos), Evil in Modern Thought: An Alternative History of Philosophy (Het kwaad denken. Een andere geschiedenis van de filosofie, 2004, Uitgeverij Boom). She previously published The Unity of Reason: Rereading Kant (1994, NY: Oxford University Press) and Slow Fire: Jewish Notes from Berlin, an autobiography about her life as a Jewish woman in 1980’s Berlin (1992, NY: Schocken).

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