Spinozalens, een onderscheiding voor 
denkers over ethiek


The jury consists of Dutch and Flemish philosophers, writers and scientists with a strong international orientation. Based on a current societal theme, the jury selects a ´departed´ thinker who will be honoured through an educational introduction for secondary and higher education as well as a contemporary, internationally renowned thinker who will receive the Spinozalens prize.


Jet Bussemaker (president)

Professor of Science, policy and societal impact, in particular in health care at Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Centre, president of the Council of Public Health and Society, former junior minister of Public health, Welfare and Sports and minister of Education, Culture and Science. Author of the book The Ministry of Imagination. Ideals an daily political practice (Balans, 2021).


Rudi Laermans

Professor of social theory and sociology of the arts at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), conducts research on contemporary social-cultural trends such as individualization, risk society and neoliberalism.


Martine de Vries

Professor Normative aspects of medicine and pediatrician at the Leiden University Medical Centre, member of the committee of Ethics and law of the Health Council of the Netherlands, researcher in the field of empirical medical ethics.


Erik Schokkaert

Emeritus professor of economy at the faculty Economy and Business of the KU Leuven, researcher in the fields of distributive justice, welfare, health insurance and social security, co-founder of Metaforum, a multidisciplinary think thank of the KU Leuven.


Sabra Dahhan

Doctor of medicine and gynecologist in training at het Amsterdam University Medical Center, with a special interest in normative aspects, and privacy and technology in medicine.

For the jury report, click here.

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