Award Ceremony 2022

On 17th November the Deputy Mayor of The Hague, Robert van Asten, will present the Spinozalens 2022 to Professor Martha C. Nussbaum at an event at Leiden University Campus The Hague (Wijnhaven). Professor Nussbaum will not be able to attend in person but will be awarded the prize and interviewed via video link. The evening […]

Ceremony Spinozalens Award 2020

Felix Meritus Amsterdam

On 24 November 2020, the French philosopher was awarded the Spinozalens 2020 by the Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema. The evening was organized by the International Spinoza Award Foundation, the Embassy of the North Sea and Felix Meritis.

Lecture Latour on The Parlement of Things

On 23 November, the day before receiving the Spinozalens 2020, Bruno Latour, known for his studies on science, technology and political ecology, discussed his notion of the Parliament of Things in a live-stream. The video of the event, organized by Radboud Reflects, the  International Spinoza Award Foundation and the Embassy of the North Sea, had […]